Wild Garlic and Dandelions

Wild Garlic and Dandelions

As we move closer to the summer months, more and more beautiful changes are happening to the environment and the natural landscape. During Coronavirus, it has become especially important to appreciate nature and our surroundings and I have been trying to do this through James Lyle photography.

I find it helps with your mental health to spend some time admiring the world that we live in. Obviously this is not always possible if you are on lockdown in the city, but if you have access to the countryside, you hour of exercise can take in some of the treats. I love this time of year as there is a lot of things that you can photograph.

The countryside is full of pretty views, intriguing animals and budding plants. The latest addition to the woods is wild garlic. Not only does this look beautiful but it has a striking scent. Wild garlic really does awaken your senses. One of my favourite things about nature and something that I hope to convey through James Lyle Photography is that appeals to multiple senses. Sight, sound and smell all feature. Animals and plants can trigger you to enjoy these different senses and Wild Garlic is a classic example of this happening.

If you wander outside of the woodlands at this time of year and into the wide open fields, you will see plenty of wild flowers growing. They are adding some extra colour to the grass and I have noticed that there seems to be more bumble bees than usual buzzing around at the moment. Perhaps the improvement in air quality due to the lack of travel and lower pollution levels are prompting more bees to come out?

Dandelions are a vibrant and also delicate addition to the fields. A favourite with children, they are dotted around the grass and provide on of the best natural toys that you can find. When my children were young, they enjoyed picking and blowing the heads. They also provide a great photo opportunity.

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