Spring flowers

April 2, 2020
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Spring flowers

I love nature and this includes everything from wildlife to flowers, the seasons to scenery. In fact, it is being part of nature and appreciating the beautiful planet around us that first inspired me to begin my journey into photography and to start my James Lyle images catalog.

I am not claiming to be a particularly talented photographer at all, but shooting images has become a real passion of mine. It is a hobby first and foremost and although I have helped a few friends out with special celebrations and recording big occasions for them, I am at my happiest when I am with nature and photographing my surroundings.  

The Simple Daisy by James Lyle

I love spring. It is the start of an exciting new season and signals growth and a fresh start. It is wonderful to see the spring flowers burst into life during the beginning of the year. From the first snowdrops to the vibrant daffodils and tulips that follow. Flower really help to brighten up the landscape. Especially as the weather can still be a bit up and down during the spring months, I find the injection of colour and life that is providing by flowers very cheery. They brighten up even the dullest day!

James Lyle Tulip Image

I recently ventured outside to take some photographs of some spring flowers. I have done minimal editing to these shots because I think the detail of the petals and the simplicity of the plants speak for themselves. My kids love daisies and these little bright additions in the lawn keep them entertained for hours on end. Making daisy chains is surely part of everyone’s childhood memories.

Hidden Daff by James Lyle

The bigger daffodils and tulips are wonderful when they pop into bloom and I have learnt to fill plants with plenty of bulbs during the autumn months to get the best impact. You can get tips from the RHS website. I have included some of my favourite images as part of my collection of shots on the James Lyle Photography website and I thought a little blog post to talk about this time of year would be just as therapeutic as recording it on camera.

james lyle pink poppy

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