Poppies are such delicate flowers. I wanted to write a post about them for my James Lyle Photography website after I took some pictures of some earlier today.

They are popular in gardens at this time of year. You can also spot them in fields. I have been trying to get out walking a lot during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a good way to stay fit during lockdown but also a nice time to appreciate nature.

I love photographing animals but they can be difficult to capture sometimes. Whereas flowers and foliage are a little bit more predictable. I enjoyed taking snaps of bluebells earlier in the year. When I passed these pretty poppies, I couldn’t resist but take a few pictures of them blowing gently in the wind.

They are such elegant flowers and also very precious. With intricate detailing, you can enjoy looking at them for hours on end. They are vulnerable in intense wind but a gentle breeze actually makes them move in a fascinating way, without damaging the plants.

They self seed easily and here are a few shots of the ones I spotted today for my James Lyle Photography site.

James Lyle poppies
james lyle pink poppy