Bluebells: A year lost to Covid

Bluebells: A year lost to Covid

A whole year – and a bit more in fact – has passed since I last wrote about bluebells. They are one of my favourite flowers to photograph for my James Lyle Photography collection because they are delicate, intricate and vibrant. Last year when I wrote about bluebells, we were right in the thick of the pandemic.

I cannot believe that so much time has passed and also that we have lost so much time to Covid. What a terrible year it has been. I am feeling reflective today and cannot help but feel sad about the weeks and months that we have lost, as well as the many, many lives. There has been so much pain experienced by so many people. It has been a terrible tragedy.

I was lucky to make it through safely, but others have not been and it is a time to reflect on the value of the life. I have spent a considerable amount of the lockdown weeks enjoying my hobby and I am glad to have developed my James Lyle Photography a bit further. I have taken great pleasure in following people on Twitter and seeing their wonderful wildlife shots and I think it is a really inspiring platform.

Let’s hope that it is a case of onwards and upwards and that we are through the worst of the pandemic now. I want to get back to what life used to be like.

On the topic of nature, I cannot believe how cold it is at the moment and in comparison to last year – when we had boiling sunshine very early on – everything seems quite late to arrive.

I do have a picture of some bluebells to finish with though and here they are in all their glory.

Bluebells photographed by James Lyle
Bluebells photographed by James Lyle

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