The maize field

The maize field

By James Lyle

As I mused not so long ago, I want to photograph different aspects for nature this Autumn. I think this is a very special time of the year for anyone interested in wildlife and nature. I was recently out for a walk in the countryside and I passed through a maize field. Of course I had to stop for a few moments to take some pictures for my James Lyle Photography website and update my September diary of pictures!  

James Lyle Maize Autumn Photos
Maize by James Lyle

Since starting my journey into photography, I have noticed how many opportunities there are to take pictures when you are walking through the countryside. You just need to pause and really absorb your surroundings. Everything in front of you can be captured in an artistic way. In fact, I often notice more things about my surroundings only once I have browsed my photographs afterwards. Little details that you miss are captured in an image.

Copyright James Lyle
The Maize Field (copyright James Lyle)

Maize fields are quite special to walk through. The crop towers above even the tallest man (I am not short myself). It completely blinds your view but I love the protection that it offers. It becomes the total focal point and this helps to concentrate the mind. It forces you to look at every intricate detail and to take time to reflect on the little things that are not completely obvious at first.

The Crop by James Lyle
The Crop by James Lyle

I have picked three photos from my walk the other day to post on my website. I think I will try to go back and see the field again and see how the crop changes over the next few weeks. Two of the photos have not be adjusted at all, but I did try a filter on one. I am not opposed to filters as I think they can bring out certain elements of a picture very well. Equally, if you take a good shot, it won’t need any touching up at all.

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