The beauty of the sunflower

By James Lyle

I promised that I would update my website during autumn with some of the wonderful things that nature shows us at this time of year. Along with Spring, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  First up on my list of things to cover during September is sunflowers. Now, these may be more typically associated with late summer and August, but I wanted to take some photos for my James Lyle Photography website in order to illustrate their full journey from bud to the dead head stage!

Each different phase is great to capture. While many people love sunflowers when they are in full bloom, I actually find them intriguing before they have even flowered. I suppose it is the optimism and excitement of the bloom ahead. Plus, you get to photograph a different colour and a different phase.

Sunflower James Lyle Photography

When sunflowers are in full flower they look captivating and really turn your head. This year, I have driven past a few fields of sunflowers and they are a very powerful vision when there are hundreds of them growing together. Equally, they add a little ray of sunshine when grown individually in the garden at home. The floribunda varieties are excellent value for gardener because they provide multiple blooms for a pretty long period.

Sunflower in bloom James Lyle Photography

There are lots of different shades of sunflower that you can grow. I am a fan of the bright, vivid yellow ones, but there is also something special about the rust coloured versions too. And perhaps the rust coloured versions are more reflective of autumn.

Now, if you are a wildlife fan or a bird watcher like me, then the sunflower is a plant that really gives back! Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of energy for birds. They are enjoyed by a wide variety of different garden birds – so they help the overall life system too.

Sunflower James Lyle Photography end of cycle

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