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Welcome to James Lyle Photography

As an amateur photographer, I wanted to create a space where I could showcase some of my work. I also think that having a website provides a good opportunity to share my journey with friends and also my social media network.

Photography is purely just a hobby for me. I would consider myself to be very much a beginner when it comes to photography and I am learning all the time. I have a particular interest in nature and wildlife, so many of my images reflect these loves. I am also keen to learn more about the industry and also how the digital media world has changed photography in general.

james lyle
james lyle

Photography is purely just a hobby for me

There are many opportunities to learn different techniques nowadays and this particular has undergone some dramatic changes as a result of the Internet age. I find this fascinating but my main passion lies with capturing those special moments on camera. Photography is a great way to channel your artistic streak and all you need is a camera to get going.

You can follow the James Lyle Photography adventures on Twitter and I am also thinking about starting a blog on this website soon too. However, it is case of one step at a time!

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