6 Best Mobile Photography Tips

April 15, 2021
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6 Best Mobile Photography Tips

Our life journey becomes more pleasant when we create beautiful moments and capture them with our camera. Holding a phone in your hands is powerful. You can document your everyday life and cherish it with your friends and loved ones.

In this article, I share the best mobile photography tips and tricks to increase your photography skills and take better photos with your smartphone.

1. Everything starts with observation and curiosity

Wayne Walter Dyer, an American self-help and spiritual author, once said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” In other words, be a good observer.

Wherever you go, notice where the light, shadows, texture, shapes, or anything else you see would make an interesting composition. Walk around, change the angle of view or the direction of light, and you’ll frame a different photo than what you saw in the beginning.

2. Use the rule of thirds grid

Every mobile phone has a rule of thirds grid. You can enable it from the camera app settings. The rule of thirds allows you to compose your image differently by placing your subject where the lines intersect. It teaches you to avoid putting your subject in the middle of the frame, which is most common to beginners.

3. Become a storyteller

The most exciting thing about photography is to share a story of the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met. To show someone’s personality and introduce emotion in your shot, use your telephoto lens from your camera app. The closer you get to your subject, the more evocative your photo will be.

Another way to tell a story is to use the wide-angle lens. Besides your main subject, decide to include more elements in your frame. The more the details, the better the story. For example, if you want to capture a sunset while walking at the beach, instead of getting closer to water, step back and include the pier, poles, birds, lights, or anything else that shows where you’ve been at that very moment.

4. Create beautiful portraits

Most recent phone camera apps have a portrait mode. This mode allows you to create a shallow depth of field and background separation from your subject. If you use a wide-angle lens, the face will look ugly and distorted as you get closer. To make someone’s face look appealing, use either the portrait mode or the telephoto lens.

5. Capture RAW images instead of JPG

Some apps allow you to capture RAW instead of JPG images. Standard JPG or HEIC are compressed files coming straight out of the camera. However, shooting in RAW, you capture a significant amount of data and detail, allowing you more flexibility in photo editing. The best camera apps to capture RAW images are the ProCamera App, Lightroom App, or VSCO.

6. Edit your images with the best apps

Photo editing has become so easy and can transform an image within a few clicks. There are many good mobile photo editing apps you could use. The most popular apps are Snapseed – by Google, Darkroom app, Whitagram, Adobe Lightroom, Afterlight, and Mextures. Some of these apps provide incredible tools such as filters, healing brush, color correction, sharpening, and more.

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